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  • Richard John Stapleton
    Richard John Stapleton, www.effectivelearning.net

    I had a good experience working with my imo1e, Integrated Marketing One, team, Abhishek Narayan, Yusuf Feroze Akhtar, and Alisha Singhal. Over a period of about two weeks they increased the traffic of my website with better links, key words, and other things about fifty percent, and they considerably improved the look and functioning of my blog page, which I renamed the Effective Learning Report. They were competent and courteous discussing with me the possibilities of the project, what I wanted, and what it would cost. It was easy to contact them during the project with questions or suggestions by email or telephone. Working with their development team at imo1e over thirty hours dealing with complicated technical procedures they got the job done as we planned and negotiated. Abhishek coordinated the remodeling of the blog page, Yusuf coordinated the new links, better key words, and the like, and Alisha answered my initial questions and set up my account. I am satisfied with their professional service and recommend them to others.
    Richard John Stapleton, owner, writer, editor, and publisher, Effective Learning Company and the Effective Learning Report at www.effectivelearning.net

  • Nicky Elsworth
    Nicky Elsworth, empowerhealthuk.com

    Finding an excellent website development and SEO partner is crucial. From a business owner’s perspective, the website is a reflection not only of the business, but indeed a reflection of the business owner. Therefore, ensuring that things are done to a gold standard is key! In addition to the stirling work carried out so far, the best aspect of partnering with I M One, in my humble opinion, is the customer service I receive from both Harshal and Nitin. Their ‘can do’ attitude, politeness, enthusiasm make them a pleasure to work with, and i look forward to our phone calls. In a business world there unfortunately can be a lot of B S to wade through, but I M One are the ‘real deal’.I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

  • David Cartwright

    I have found both Nitin and Vinay to be very professional.  They have an excellent approach to their customer, both in their friendly mannerism and their expertise in their field.They have prioritised in increasing customers traffic to my website and I am beginning to reap the benefit as it has only been a few months now.I would have no hesitate in recommending them or asking for their support in the future.

  • Richard Pierce
    Richard Pierce, www.uclapierceconstruction.com

    I own the construction company Pierce Construction  & Repair and months ago we hired imONE to do SEO for our web site. Since the program was initiated we have seen significant improvements in metrics available from Google Analytics. All the keyword rankings have improved and this has all occurred while customer service has keep in constant communication. I appreciate their professionalism and dedication to my issues.

  • Steve Broderson
    Steve Broderson, www.coinbuys.com

    I have used Integrated Marketing One for over a year for my SEO and keyword campaign. I have also had them do some work on the website structure. I have found them to be trustworthy, competent and a good value. Our website is the most important asset to our company and choosing an SEO company is a decision that must be made carefully. I believe that I have made the right choice. I could not be happier with the work they have done for me.

  • Linda Lewis
    Linda Lewis, www.bpelaw.com

    My experience with imONE and project manager Alyona Sakar has been nothing short of impressive.The services they provide are clearly defined and I get monthly phone calls to review the reports that are emailed prior. When I'm too busy to take her call, she is diligent in making sure she connects with me regardless of how many times I'm not available and patiently answers all my questions. Access is provided to the accounts they set-up with regard to our SEO campaign and the results have been positive. There's no long-term contract and they provide a guarantee. I would recommend them to anyone looking for help with online marketing.

  • Jim Ragland
    Jim Ragland, www.askco.com

    imONE has provided good SEO support to our website for several months. Their efforts have driven more traffic to our website and allowed more orders than we had before we began to use them. We are pleased with the results to date.

  • Jonathan Zhang, www.efforts.ca

    People you can trust! We have been working with imONE for almost a year, and firmly believe that they are people who we can trust with our SEO campaign. In today's cyber world, it is important to have a team of professional manage your online marketing and imONE is a definite yes on that front. They have the required experience, are thorough professionals, provide very clear and clean report at the end of each month, and a personal conversation over the phone. Its like having our own tech dept in the company. We feel confident we will benefit from their SEO service, and our rankings are improving. We are happy to work with imONE. Good Work!

  • Surayya Rahman, www.modestycatalog.com

    My experience with imONE has been very good. imONE has been doing our SEO campaign for almost 6 months now. The team led by my account manager Alyona is very professional and have so far done a superior job for us. I am very happy with the quality of service, availability of technical support, the ongoing website updates and the overall performance of my SEO campaign. I will definitely refer them to anyone who is looking for SEO.


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