How IMO can boost your revenue

Online marketing is all about reaching out to people at the precise moment, Google AdWords being its most extensive platform. AdWords is often misinterpreted as a medium, solely for the fortune companies. However, it can also be used by small and medium scale businesses to increase their reach. We help you to take the first step in the right direction and build on it while keeping the investment profitable. Our working strategy is customized for every business to ensure that we can suit your requirements and skyrocket your revenues.

We manage everything from

  • Initial Account Set-up- Setting up the AdWords account for the specified business.
  • Keyword Research –Searching for the trending keywords related to the industry and stuffing the account with the right match types.
  • Campaign Management –Managing the campaign by studying the user behavior and making sure that the ad is triggered only at the right time for the right person.
  • Bid Management -Real time monitoring so that you can get the top positions at a competitive bid.
  • AD Copy Creation –Ensuring that the ads are user friendly and creative.
  • Landing Page Optimization –The aim is to build pages that engage your target audience in the best possible way so that you can drive more leads through paid search.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) -conversion tracking tools makes the campaign totally transparent and you can actually measure the outputs.
  • A/B testing –This can be used to test even the most far-reaching ideas in a low risk environment.
  • Multivariate Testing and many more.

A full-proof strategy is what matters the most for a sound PPC campaign. We, at IMO, understand your complex goals and competitive landscape. Once we gather the proper insight about your business and your targeted market, our campaign managers create 100% optimized campaigns ready to boost your revenue as never before.

Our Approach

We start with the campaign’s selection suited to your business, followed by keyword analysis. We focus on specific areas and hours of the day to ensure that irrelevant traffic is at a minimum. Our team can handle all the areas of paid advertising including search ads, display ads, YouTube ads and re-marketing.

Services we offer:

  • Strategic Development & Keyword Research -We research about all the trending keywords and use them with different match types to release the full potential of your campaign.
  • Account Restructure and Setup -Right from setting up the account to making the relevant changes to the existing ones, we can customize our services according to the project giving it a personal touch.
  • Creative (Ad) Development and Landing Page Mapping -Designing an interactive ad with a strategic funnel leading customers to the right page.
  • Ad Campaign Revisions For Increased Traffic Generation -We create separate campaigns for all your products/services to ensure that you don’t mix your target audience.
  • Display Campaigns- Along with search campaigns, we display your ads on popular Google partnered websites to ensure that potential traffic from all sources is tapped upon.
  • Campaign Tracking- Implementation of tracking tools to verify your conversions so that you can judge the performance of your campaign and plan your investments.
  • Reporting And Analysis- We work as a team of Google certified AdWords professionals and dedicated project managers who analyze your industry and report you about every new change or update to ensure your satisfaction.
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