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About Us

We are Integrated Marketing One! We integrate all efficacious internet marketing strategies into one package and serve it to our clients who are looking to get their online business burgeoning. With our foundation stones being laid by former Google and AOL employees, you can always expect the best outcome from what we offer you. We have managed to help many businesses get web-ready by actualizing and executing strategies that guarantee 100% return on your investment.

Our major offerings include SEO, PPC, SMO, and Google Update Recovery services. We have an independent team of qualified and experienced professionals for all internet marketing domains; something that helps us in delivering all our promises, on time. With a rewarding track record of meeting and going beyond clients’ expectations, we have managed to carve a niche for ourselves in the highly competitive internet marketing domain.

A major part of the credit of maintaining a standard in the way we serve our clients goes to our team that works tirelessly to ensure that your online business reaches its target audience and top of the rankings on SERPs. We, at Integrated Marketing One, believe that to see success in this fast changing market, you need online marketing strategies that can replenish speed to market, without having to compromise on business integrity at any step of the process.

Work smarter

It’s not about putting in the hours but the results you get. Constantly finding ways to improve our productivity is what drives Team imONE to get better every day.

Make things happen

Make things happen is the moto we live by. We move move swiftly to figure out not just what works but what does not. It’s only through our inner drive to get things done that leads us to timely deliveries.

Keep calm and communicate

We believe that not only communication solves all problems, ineffective communication is the root of most. Our consultants are constantly in touch with our clients through phone and emails to arrange a meeting or just invite them out for a beer.

Become the best place to work

We are constantly looking for ways to ensure our team is happy and have the best tools to blow off steam. Social events, well euiped break room and a cafeteria are just few of the things we do for our employees

Exceptional Customer Service

We believe providing exceptional customer service is one of the fundamental reasons for our success. We take pride in providing outstanding services to our clients. We know that our customers are important for us and hence we do not leave any stone unturned in helping and guiding them.

High Performance Web Solution

We deliver solutions that are scalable, technologically advanced and are secure. The web solutions we develop are not only visually stunning or user-friendly but are also high performance solutions. We work with SMEs from a range of industries to provide enterprise level Commerce solutions, Multi-channel eCommerce, cross channel integrations, online marketing solutions and responsive websites.

Ecommerce Specialists

As ecommerce specialists we have skills & expertise that sets us apart in the marketplace. Over the years we have developed extensive expertise in PHP based eCommerce solutions like Magento, Prestshop, BigCommerce and platform integrations with eBay, Amazon etc.

Digital Marketing Specialists

Our exceptional results, extremely target oriented marketing methodologies and highly experienced online marketing teams distinguishes us in the digital marketing space. We don’t just deliver the online marketing solutions to drive traffic, we enhance your business through sales.

Competitive Prices

We offer you some of the best cutting edge online marketing solutions and technologies for ecommerce development to maximize your sales and brand value across multiple retail channels at a very competitive price.

Dedicated Project Managers

When it comes to handling clients’ Campaigns we make sure that they are handled by subject matter experts. Our mantra at imONE is delivering unprecedented results for our clients. Our dedicated team of account managers making sure that your project is managed in the best possible way & all your queries are dealt with in a timely manner.


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