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Oct 14, 2015




With the advent of computers, internet and smartphones replaced an era where Radio, TV and print ads dominated. This was a revolutionary change which became evident in the last 10 years of business marketing.
Options of plethora websites invoke the importance of Marketing Tactics and Strategies which is manifested in the current day digital ads popping up online or appearance of newsletters when personal email made their way around the world. Mobile ads and Social Media followed as the way of promoting awareness. Among these present outlets for online marketing one of the most essential constituent of the holistic marketing campaigns is Content Marketing.

But what is content marketing? Having a great and valuable content for your client is no longer enough. The content needs to be marketed too which defines what content marketing is: Well executed, valuable and share able content.

The four vital pieces of Content Marketing strategy are:

    Companies such as HubSpot started with eBooks when the company required to attract customers or potential customer leads to sign up for their newsletters which is a strategy which can be followed to entice your clients or potential client leads to sign up for the newsletter, webinar or other lead capture forms.
    Designers produce well written and professionally laid out eBooks which hold great information and are pleasing to the eye but when budget constricted, one can use programs such as PowerPoint or Keynote for creating content which is convertible for downloading and visually appealing. A captivating title with noticeable call to action and organized chapters and page numbers.
    Infographics or Information graphics are visual representation of data, information or knowledge with the objective of a simpler and crisp understanding of complex or robust data especially related to particular industry and comprehensible for the clientele. Few essentials are:

    • Thorough Research: All data sources should be properly listed and cited and valid credible data is used.
    • Keeping it on Brand: Not only Writing and Voice but also graphics and style is on brand.
    • Logo and Sources: Citing owns website and credential serves as a credit for the invested effort.
    Incorporate and utilize the professional videos in the newsletter and websites which in case of minimal financial resources can be done on a budget keeping few things in mind:

    • Invest on good lighting: A clear sunny day with Natural light can serve the requisite of a lightning setup as an excessively bright or dark image won’t be adequately view-able.
    • Sound Quality: Invest money on quality microphones to exceptionally change the voice quality.
    • On Screen Graphics: Software such as iMovie can be used to add simple graphics for a polished video.
  • White Papers
    Unlike eBooks, Whitepapers are the academic papers of marketing content. Readers expect a high degree of expertise backed by solid research that is fully documented by references. Though less flashy and serious intone but more detailed informative and authoritative and written by experts to earn the credibility and trust of the reader.
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