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Oct 12, 2015




We all have heard of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal but how to decide which one is actually meant for your website? This brief article may help you choose better-
1. Drupal:
* It is basically for large, complex enterprise websites.
* It is really very powerful to work with but demands A LOT of technical knowledge about html and php.
* Page-load time is minimal and it has fast response-time.
* Fixing certain technical issues may require external help.
* If you have money and are thinking where to spend, go for Drupal.

2. Joomla:
* It is recommended mainly for e-commerce websites.
* If social networking is your major concern, Joomla is meant for you.
* It is not as powerful as Drupal but more dynamic than WordPress.

3. WordPress:
* (Yeah we know you must be waiting for this one) If you are not tech-savvy, WordPress is your friend.
* A number of plug-ins are available which are easy *and free* to install.
* Thousands of graphic templates are available to change the website’s look.
* You can modify and edit your website as per your wish and convenience. It is very flexible to use.
* It is best suited for small and medium sized websites.
* If reviews are really important for.you, WordPress is the most popular one.
* It is SEO-friendly.
* It also offers your website to be hosted for free.

There a number of other options available but if you ask.for the best 3 CMSs to choose from, your search ends here.

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