Social Media, Big Data, and Increased ROI through SEO

Oct 13, 2015




How can I increase my ROI and take my business to a new level? That’s one of the many questions that may be on your mind on a consistent basis. Is digital marketing or social media really going to help? Let’s start from the roots. In general terms the extraction of knowledge from data is known as Data Science. Methods that scale to big data are of particular interest in data science as the applications are endless. The development of machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence used to uncover patterns in data from which predictive models can be developed, has enhanced the growth and importance.

What Do You Mean by Big Data Anyway?

Generally speaking, big data refers to the processing and analysis of voluminous amounts of data sets to reveal real world patterns, trends, and associations that facilitate good decision-making. Here’s why it is so unique:

  • Exponential increase in data from networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+
  • An expansion in acceptance of an online culture of openness and transparency
  • Ease in accessibility of infrastructure to process such large datasets
  • Using predictive models such as audience segmentation to monitor buying patterns of customers, distinguishing fresh ones from repeats.
  • Using sentiment analysis to determine the user opinion and feeling towards a particular product or service or the overall brand

Data scientists apply expertise in data preparation, statistics, and machine learning to investigate problems in various domains. One such domain is marketing optimization. With the incredible increase in data collection and multimedia resources, big data is the future of a competitive and innovative industry of online marketing with aim of increasing your ROI. Integrating big data extracted from social media platforms with SEO produces a very powerful tool in shining limelight with digital market coverage and enhancing your business’ rankings on the search engine. If practiced under the right protocols, social media unlocks opportunities with better lead conversion rates and consistent organic traffic to your website, giving you measurable boost to your market value.

How Does Big Data Relate to SEO?

Big data has always been relevant to search marketers for promoting businesses. Of course the count value most definitely has varied over the years from terabytes to petabytes to exabytes of millions of classes of billions people of trillions of records. However, at the very core, the essence remains the same as Google itself is the original big data institution. They have become the organization they are today by sorting and analyzing enormous sets of data and methodically categorizing them to retrieve results intelligently to the searcher.

The Explosion from Social Media

Social media promises to act as a catalyst in innovation, increase cost savings, create renowned brands through indefinite partnerships. In every industry, companies are using the platform to promote new products and services, and also monitor what is being said about the brand. However, most organizations struggle to put numbers or extract any meaningful information from the plethora of relevant data out there and very few have big data analytics tools to put things in perspective about how these activities affect the bottom line.

To take your business forward and truly leverage social channels, the management needs to take effective steps to engage with the end user in a prompt way and lead probable collaborations in a well-informed direction. The focus is to be able to orient the incoming participation with relevant content flow. The insights from research of social data provide means to penetrate the prospect’s thought process. The optimization through social networks needs to be coordinated and delivered to the right audiences with the correct responses and suitable content.

Facebook tracks IP address of every computer you’ve logged in with, Twitter tracks geographical coordinates, Amazon cross-examines the products you’ve browsed to suggest similar ones, Foursquare takes cellular data to infer location-based urban activity. It is only a matter of time before these mammoth networks themselves provide heightened abilities to businesses to target audiences more accurately. Twitter and Facebook have developed algorithms to help even amateur coders extract relevant business data across various industries which are then used to judge the preferences of potential buyers.

The Future of Big Data and Social Media for Your Business

The future of businesses utilizing social media platforms is big data driven. In this new era of extremely large sets of data, marketing analysts are able to track customers and their buy behaviors to extrapolate trends and draw substantial conclusions. If you are a relatively smaller organization with little social media presence, big data may not be available for you to further draw insights from. Nonetheless, there will definitely be those notable companies in the same industry that have a great online presence which you can suggest to the marketing analysts. To the applicable company, finding a great team of analysts, statisticians, coders, and content distributors for effective competitive analysis as well as self-evaluation may be the key to delivering results to take your business to the next level.

With social media optimization, we have just hit the tip of the iceberg. To meet those ROI needs, we need to move to the activity level whether it is on our own or through an informed company and create the greatly needed engagement with our prospects. If harnessed effectively, insights from social media networks along with efficient content management will unfold for businesses like never before.

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