Conversion Rate Optimization: How to increase the value of a conversion

Oct 14, 2015




Are you familiar with the expression, “The most valuable customer is the one you never lose”?

In the CRO industry, you simply need to focus on converting more leads all day, every day. A conversion can be anything- More visitors to the landing pages, more emails submitted, more phone numbers captured, etc.

The key to more revenue? Well, it’s retention. (No, it’s not just for recurring billing models.)

Conversion optimization success factors

We at Integrated Marketing One, try to follow the following steps for CRO success:

  • Use the analytics as a starting point to understand the biggest weaknesses and customer journeys.
  • Do the customer research to understand customer personas and research on site to understand site visitor intent against satisfaction.
  • Use AB and multivariate testing experiments targeting the pages that will give you the biggest uplift.
  • Develop a continuous programme of improvement.
  • Develop the business case and invest – successful cases show that CRO requires dedicated staff or a specialist agency.

Every Detail Counts

Receive more conversions from the traffic that you’re already getting from paid and organic search, social networking and drop-in visitors.
While most conversion methodologies focus on just paid search landing page optimization, we have a more holistic approach that includes a broader segment of traffic sources and user behavior. We can help you better motivate your lower funnel paid search visitors or focus on better converting your hard-earned upper funnel organic search visitors. With our knowledge of human factors design, information architecture, usability standards and even emotional design, we understand that every detail counts when it comes to achieving your business objectives.

Holistic Conversion Services
To seek out each special detail of your unique web site, your Integrated Marketing One Conversion Optimization team examines your web site by first gaining insight into what your business priorities are and evaluating the entire scope of your present state. When you hire us, you get a partner passionate about your online success. Our highly qualified team leave no stone unturned. Whether you choose an analysis or testing program, we build our reports based on your business objectives, targeted visitors and all traffic sources. If something is missing, we’ll alert you with actionable suggestions.

Highly Skilled Conversions Staff
IMO out does the competition because we hire the best experts, gets the best certification for our teams and approaches every project with a stringent project management process that includes regular meetings withyou.

No matter which package you choose, you can expect an extraordinary, dynamically designed, outstandingly organized presentation chock full of analysis, data and solutions ready for action. Every new project is metwith enthusiasm, passion, utmost confidentiality and professionalism.

So be rest assured of your online marketing campaigns, because we aim to deliver the best possible results!

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