Social Media Marketing Best Practices

Oct 12, 2015




Setting up a business is hard but reaching out to the world is even harder. Althea Gibson said once, “No matter what accomplishments you make, somebody helped you.”

Here are a few tips to help your accomplished business become a voice which reaches out:

1. “I like #Instagram but I love #Facebook”: Targetting 1.3 billion facebook users is like trying to pick a drop of water from the ocean. Frequently updating the Facebook page of the website helps increase references in terms of likes, shares and even word of mouth.
Don’t just limit yourself to Facebook, make sure you don’t miss out on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and other renowned platforms such as Delicious, Tumblr, etc.

2. “People want to know you”: This shall only happen when you express your thoughts regarding your business and goals. When people start knowing you personally, the void between you and your potential customers is filled with some extent of comfort and understanding.
Looking for a solution? Blogs! Ofcourse nobody would want to know what you had for dinner but yeah, everybody would love to know the secret of your success.

3. “Time is money”: Yes. Literally. Just like a beautician may expect maximum customers during wedding seasons but a doctor could be called upon anytime, you know your business better and the best time to make the best move.
Keep a track of the traffic coming to your website and make a note of the pattern in which you receive maximum active visitors. Share stuff through blogs, videos, articles, etc., when you know it will hit the target because you would not want to keep blowing the whistle when nobody’s listening.

4. “A healthy relationship demands understanding”: It is very important to give the audience what they want, not just what you want to give them. There are high chances that people might not like what is presented to them. We know how critical the world can get.
So it is really important to constantly keep a check on latest trends and post accordingly.
But this definitely doesn’t mean that you cannot try somehing new. Keep observing and you just might be the next trend setter.

5. “Motto with Logo”: Apple has apple, Olympics has rings. A motto with a logo is what best describes you and your vision and helps make a connection with the audience. Keep it catchy. Do not fake it. Eventually, let your work speak for you.

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